Night Rider

Last week I wrote about the dangers at every intersection.  Cyclists can tell you that they’re most vulnerable when making turns and crossing intersections.  Following basic traffic rules can help, but that isn’t always enough to keep you safe.  This is even more true at night – you can wear bright clothes and use lights to increase visibility.

Down Low Glow is one more way to increase visibility.  Good cyclists wear blinkies on the front and back of their bikes to help drivers see them, but these do not provide visibility where it can count the most – through intersections.  And while they might look like you are trying to Trick your Trike, you’ll have the last laugh if it helps you stay alive.


2 responses to “Night Rider

  1. From my own experience as cyclist, I can tell that especially at night, car drivers don’t expect “us” to be on the road.
    Thanks for the promotion of the blinkies. Riding home twice a week after night class around 10:30pm, blinkies might be the perfect solution for me to show the car drivers that I – just like them – would like to get home safely…

  2. This is a great idea, especially for an un-bike-friendly place. Thanks for sharing.

    Great website! I’d love to go to DC and test their bike rental system.

    I recently developed a website to collect car-free stories/art from people around the globe. If you have any inspiring car-free experiences, please share. 🙂

    Take care,

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