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Polarized: a follow-up

Now that we know more about the mistaken evacuation in Columbia Heights, and understand better the artistic concepts behind the campaign, I wonder if anyone has changed their minds about the incident.  Residents, students, and workers who has to evacuate the area that day were understandably frustrated, much less scared by the potential threat.  And yet, unlike the bomb scare in Boston in 2007, it seems to me like even more of a stretch for anyone to consider these art instalations a threat.

Have those effected by the evacuation two weeks changed their minds about the incident since we have learned more?  I’d like to learn otherwise, especially because I wasn’t as impacted as anyone in the area was that day.

This is an open thread.


Columbia Heats (up)

Unlike last week’s mistaken evacuation of Columbia Heights station, all the hype you’ve been hearing about Columbia Heights Day is not full of hot air.  But like our displaced artic friends, you might notice the block heating up with live music and hot food.

Beginning tonight (9/23) with a “Taste of Columbia Heights“, the neighborhood works together to raise money for the big party on Saturday October 4th. Only in it’s second year, it’s comparable to the well established Adams Morgan Day which recently celebrated their 30th block party.  In addition to the local eats and live music, expect a few welcome should you make a trip to Columbia Heights station.