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Car Free Everyday

Has it been one year already?  Only one year ago this blogger celebrated Car Free Day by making a video documenting my daily commute using public transit, which went on to win a contest sponsored by the WMATA.

In celebration of this holiday, which encourages us all to reduce (or replace) our commute using multi-modal transit, I encourage you all to learn more about how to go car free today (and everyday) on this annual event’s website.  Here is the video documentary, in case you missed it, to show how one student (me!) went Car Free after moving to the National Capitol region:

Although many daily commuters already know why to use alternative transportation to automobiles, those new (or skeptical) to Car Free transit should consider some of the advantages of using these means.

  • Reducing individual emissions from fossil-fuel powered vehicles (by taking them off the road)
  • Reducing stress from traffic jams on the Beltway
  • Increasing savings from fuel costs saved using public transit
  • Increase exercise by increasing walks, or burning calories through cycling.
  • Increase of leisure time – Sit back, read the newspaper, and let the driver do the work!

The best way to discover the benefits of using public and alternative transit is to try it for yourself, so please take the pledge to participate on Car Free Day.


Can’t nobody break my stride…

Thanks to our friends at, I was able to make my way to get down in Georgetown, where the Puma Store opened its doors to hip-hop legends Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force.  The store, a relatively new fixture, made ample space for a party with at least 1000 fans attending the free party (while the doors were held to control crowd capacity).  The show was a blast, with live instrumentation accompanying the MCs who took turns on the mic while the DJ kept the crowd rocksteady.

So far Zo has a photo recap of the night all to himself on Flickr, but stay tuned to Funkadelic Freestyles for upcoming old-school appearances across DC.  And as for the classic styles at the Puma store, pay them a visit via your favorite 30s Metrobus route, and make sure to wear your new kicks out the door.