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Can’t nobody break my stride…

Thanks to our friends at DCist.com, I was able to make my way to get down in Georgetown, where the Puma Store opened its doors to hip-hop legends Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force.  The store, a relatively new fixture, made ample space for a party with at least 1000 fans attending the free party (while the doors were held to control crowd capacity).  The show was a blast, with live instrumentation accompanying the MCs who took turns on the mic while the DJ kept the crowd rocksteady.

So far Zo has a photo recap of the night all to himself on Flickr, but stay tuned to Funkadelic Freestyles for upcoming old-school appearances across DC.  And as for the classic styles at the Puma store, pay them a visit via your favorite 30s Metrobus route, and make sure to wear your new kicks out the door.