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Think Globally, Drink Locally

Every year I am baffled that Oktoberfest occurs at the end of September, but at least we can celebrate it here in DC anytime this year.  The annual festival lasts from one weekend through the next (for a total of 16 days), already underway in Munich and beginning in DC this weekend.  Here’s a few reasons to raise your glass this weekend:

  • Roll the barrels down main street at Oktoberfest in Barracks Row, where the restaurants will open their bier gartens and brass bands will play this Saturday September 27th from 11am-5pm.  Barracks Row is the small town in the SE of this big city, which would be worthy of some exploration between the beer tents. Stick around for a parade of classic German cars, E Cruzers, and the Military Culinary Competition pitting their best chefs.
  • Das Best Oktoberfest is presumably also the largest celebration in the Metro area.  It will feature a large selection of beer and brats, come rain or shine under their tents.  But you’ll need to arrange a carpool because the strassenbahn won’t take you there.
  • When Rumsfeld was refering to Old Europe, he surely wasn’t refering to one of DC’s premier German restaurants.  Located in the Glover Park neighborhood for over 50 years, this may be the perfect spot for a low-key celebration between friends this Oktoberfest.  Come for the food, stay for the beer, and come back through the end of October.
  • Think Globally, Drink locally; celebrate Oktoberfest with The Washington Sängerbund who will cook brats while Capitol City Brewing company plays host to the Mid-Atlantic Brewers Association.  This celebration starts next Saturday October 4th, from noon-6pm,

Like so many other international events and holidays, the presence of an international community in DC provides venues for cultural exchanges; Diesen Wochenende, Trinken mehr Bier!