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An Introduction to Glover Park

Glover Park is a neighborhood in Northwest DC which is sometimes referred to as part of Northern or Upper Georgetown, although it is historically (if no longer socio-economically) distinct as a neighborhood of its own. The neighborhood is roughly bounded by Glover-Archibold Nat’l Park on it’s west and the Vice President’s Mansion (connected to Rock Creek Park) on the East, roughly bordered by Georgetown to the south and Cathedral Heights on the north. Personally I have been happy to call Glover Park my home for the last year, so I wanted to introduce this neighborhood to the uninitiated, at least before I move at the end of this month.

This area is characterized by it’s narrow, tree-lined streets which sometimes deviate from the DC street grid to accommodate beautiful brick row-houses and garden-style apartment complexes in this mostly residential neighborhood. The architecture mirrors the aspirations of a growing middle-class in DC near the beginning of the 20th century, yearning to build breathing space for young families from the crowded and pollution dense urban cores that characterized cities at the time.

beginning construction of homes following the first World War, Glover Park has continued its growth with more modern apartment complexes and shopping centers built alongside the beautiful brownstones buildings and parks for which it is better known. Current residents of Glover Park continue this middle-class aspiration of home ownership, with many homes having small front or back yards and even a few garages, although at a considerable cost to potential owners in this highly desirable neighborhood.

Like many other neighborhoods in the District of Columbia, Glover Park is filled with young professionals, growing families, and students (like myself). These diverse populations require multi-modal transit to facilitate their professional lives as well as the personal pleasures that lead so many idealistic and adventurous individuals to Washington DC. In the coming days I’ll discuss how these pedestrians get to and from their homes in Glover Park, and a few more reasons for you to visit this great neighborhood.